Saturday, November 15, 2008

A New Hope

I just have to say that I think I may have a new favorite filmmaker.

He goes by the name PES, at

Just check out his stuff. It's pretty amazing, I think.

We need more artists like him going for the strange and unusual.

And also, I believe that if there ever was such a thing as the "REMIX" Generation that this guy would have to be their poster boy.

He's been around for a while, and it turns out that I've actually seen many of his commercial work. I just didn't think that they could all be by the same guy. They are all just so different from eachother.

Amazing stuff.

Well, here we go!

It may be a while, but very soon I expect me and one of my buddies (the artist i'm having help me with a comic) will start posting work of our newest curious little things... and such.
So I know right now no one will be reading this, but I hope that by the end of next year to be having many people coming to this blog for all their curious little inspirations and what not.
AND! Thank you blogspot, for creating an incredibly simple way to blog.