Monday, December 1, 2008

A little story

I was in high school, about 10th grade. I was searching for something that my friend and I could do together even though we were so far apart.

You see, he lived in Illinois while I had just moved down here to Texas.

We started talking on myspace about how he had very little reason to draw anymore and I was complaining about having nothing to do. And that it was hot. It really is freakin' hot here.

Excelsior! (there's my Stan Lee reference for the day, am I cool now?!)

So I told him to give me a day to think about something that we could do together. And while I had written a few issues of my own little comics before this I never really had any reason to do anything with them. As I wanted to make video games and movies only. Those were just little things to do while I wasn't paying any attention in class.

So Tenacious D came out a little ealier and they had taken over my iPod for a few months. I was checking out some artwork that my buddy (his name is Chris, by the way) had given me and while listening to the Motherfuckin' D I just snapped.

His drawings reminded me of those old notebooks that you see from rockstars when they're bored and the stuff they draw in them. This was stuff that he didn't really try all that hard to do, as he can draw pretty much anything you want in the best possible ways.

So I started writing an idea about a little rock 'n roller, that I hoped would best represent the kind of style that Chris would like to do.

After I wrote about half an issue, say twelve pages worth, I typed it all up and sent in to him.
A day or so later he messaged back.

To my surprise he loved it!

He had his thoughts though. But he really wanted to do it.

And here we are a few years later.
Hopefully in a wee bit we'll have some drawings to show for it.

Funny thing is, about a year after I wrote a few stories this guy Tim Schaefer, one of my favorite game developers, came out with details of his newest game. Called BrĂ¼tal Legend.

The story lines are somewhat similar, the game follows a roadie (voiced by Jack Black... irony!) that gets transported to a world where all the rock stuff is real or something. Only so many details have been released.

But it has the same feel and everything!

After a few months of me bitching about Tim stealing my idea, I just decided that we are both artsy guys who just happened to love us some metal.

Anyways... Chris and I were brainstorming when we thought of a few unique things to seperate us from the game. It's actually way better than the original idea now, can't wait to see his sketches. Which I will post soon...

So with all that I want you to come away with this:

Just because you find an obstacle blocking your path doesn't mean that you can't just turn the volume to eleven and blow it the fuck away.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

A New Hope

I just have to say that I think I may have a new favorite filmmaker.

He goes by the name PES, at

Just check out his stuff. It's pretty amazing, I think.

We need more artists like him going for the strange and unusual.

And also, I believe that if there ever was such a thing as the "REMIX" Generation that this guy would have to be their poster boy.

He's been around for a while, and it turns out that I've actually seen many of his commercial work. I just didn't think that they could all be by the same guy. They are all just so different from eachother.

Amazing stuff.

Well, here we go!

It may be a while, but very soon I expect me and one of my buddies (the artist i'm having help me with a comic) will start posting work of our newest curious little things... and such.
So I know right now no one will be reading this, but I hope that by the end of next year to be having many people coming to this blog for all their curious little inspirations and what not.
AND! Thank you blogspot, for creating an incredibly simple way to blog.